Man harasses Asian father over his child's dinosaur flag: 'Is that a Filipino thing?'

Security footage from last Wednesday shows a man harassing a California father over his child's dinosaur flag that was being displayed outside their house, ABC7 reports.

"Is that a Filipino thing?" the man asked Thien Ly, who was the homeowner.

"What's your favorite charity homie? What's your favorite charity?" the man asked, his questions growing exceedingly bizarre.

"I'm sure your marriage is going so're a weirdo, a creep. A pedophile creep," the man asked Ly.

In the security footage, the man repeatedly accuses Ly of being a pedophile.

According to police, the man later came back and vandalized Ly's property.

"He came back and he smashed both of my cars with weights," Ly told ABC7.

While police say the incident wasn't sparked by race, Ly thinks the man targeted him because he's Vietnamese.

"Whoever this person is I hope they get caught so this doesn't happen to anyone else. I want to shine light on this and make sure it's safe for everyone and safe for my kids growing up in this neighborhood," said Ly.

Watch ABC7's report on the story below: