Trump supporter infuriates town with 'disgusting' ​anti-Biden signs near school bus stop
Donald Trump Rally (Photo by: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

A supporter of former President Donald Trump in upstate New York is defending the "disgusting" anti-Biden signs he erected near a school bus stop following the November 2020 election.

"They can't make me take it down," Spencer Wilson told the Daily Freeman, in response to an effort by Ulster town officials to address the signs. "It's freedom of speech, the town can do nothing about it."

Asked whether the language on his signs is appropriate for children, Wilson responded, "It's my right to address my government as I see fit. … I don't care about neighbors or kids or anything."

The signs refer to Vice President Kamala Harris as a "c*nt" and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a "d*ck," feature swastikas drawn on Biden's image, and depict a cartoon version of Trump urinating on Biden.

On Thursday night, the Town Board in Ulster discussed possible ways to preserve Wilson's free speech rights while also addressing "the profanity, vulgarity, and R-rated images," the Daily Freeman reported.

"If you go down Wrentham Street .. .and see this place, this house, it's disgusting," Councilman Rocco Secreto said.

After another councilman asked whether anyone has tried talking to Wilson about the "foul rhetoric," the police chief responded that "our past experience of engaging with him have not been great."

"Town officials said they are reviewing laws and court decisions that may apply to the display," the newspaper reported. "Complaints from residents say that use of some of the images could be consider hate speech, which along with vulgarity should not be allowed near a school bus stop."

In one recent case, a New Jersey state court ruled that a Trump supporter could leave up anti-Biden signs that include obscenity, overturning a municipal judge's order. The woman was represented by the ACLU.