Anti-masker starts screaming when a woman filming him calls his bluff to 'shove it'
Anti-masker meltdown (Photo: Screen captures)

Anti-maskers are continuing to freak out in public places only to be filmed by those observing the meltdown. Such was the case when a woman hilariously mocked one man during his anti-mask meltdown.

In the Tik-tok video, the man is seen losing it in a grocery store before storming into the parking lot waving his mask and ranting when telling the woman filming, "you can shove it, b*tch."

"Ok, I like anal, let's do this" she said, calling his bluff.

"Yeah," the man says.

"Let's do this!" she repeats.

"You need help! I'm pissed off!" the man shouts, before telling the woman that she should be more polite. "It ain't the point of the mask! It's the fact that they're trying to force us to force our Constitutional rights - force us to wear a f*cking mask!"

Once the woman filming the video goes back into the grocery store, the man's wife apologizes profusely saying that she had warned him to wear the mask.

See the video below: