WATCH: Chaos erupts as anti-maskers harass and assault people while storming California shopping mall

A group of anti-mask protesters stormed a shopping mall in Century City, California, this Sunday, and were captured on video getting into multiple confrontations -- sometimes physical -- with employees and shoppers.

Video of the incident was uploaded to Twitter by local journalist Samuel Braslow, and it shows the protesters going from store to store, arguing with employees and customers in the Los Angeles-area shopping center.

In one segment that was recorded in the mall's Ralph's grocery store, an anti-mask protester claims she was assaulted by a customer, then proceeds to try to ram him with a shopping cart. She then chases after him and tries to strike him.

In another video, an anti-mask protester claims he doesn't need to wear a mask because he tested negative for coronavirus. He then refers to a customer as a "mask nazi."

At one point, a store closed its doors in an attempt to bar the protesters from entering, prompting one of the protesters to call the store's employee a "big dumb white c*nt."

According to witness Peter De La Chingada, police showed up on the scene but didn't get involved.

"Since it was Century City LAPD showed up fast when anti maskers came to harass mall shoppers but just stood back, stood by, and watched these trump supporters disturb the peace," he tweeted. "They did not show aggression like they've shown BLM protesters and tenants rights protesters."