Anti-masker Caleb Wallace dies after organizing 'Freedom Defenders' against COVID mandates: report

One of the leaders of the anti-mask movement in Texas has reportedly died from COVID-19 complications.

Jessica Wallace, the wife of anti-masker Caleb Wallace, announced the death of her husband on the Go Fund Me page she set up after he was intubated.

"Caleb has peacefully passed on. He will forever live in our hearts and minds," she wrote, with a heart emoji.

His wife had said he initially refused to get tested for coronavirus.

"He was so hard-headed. He didn't want to see a doctor, because he didn't want to be part of the statistics with COVID tests," she explained.

Wallace founded the "San Angelo Freedom Defenders" and organized a July "Freedom Rally" for those "sick of the government being in control of our lives."

Wallace, who was 30, leaves behind three children and a pregnant wife.