Anti-masker gets punched in the face after shoving fellow customer during angry tirade

A viral video shows an anti-mask restaurant customer getting slugged in the face after he shoved another customer during an angry tirade.

The video begins with the man yelling at a restaurant staffer and accusing her of "discriminating" against him for requiring that he wear a mask.

"We're going to f*ck your restaurant up!" he yelled.

Another customer came over to confront the man, who responded by telling him, "Don't get in my face!" He then shoved the customer away.

At this point, more customers get up to defend the customer who got shoved, including one man who walked over and knocked the anti-masker to the floor with a punch to the face.

The anti-masker then angrily stormed out while other patrons in the restaurant cheered.

Watch the video below.