Woman caught on camera at a Ft. Lauderdale Walgreens spewing bigoted remarks blames her victims

A Florida woman who slurred a Muslim family in a drug store says she's actually the victim in the encounter.

Nahla Ebaid was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale last month with her husband and some friends when the incident took place at Walgreens, where customer Luba Bozanich lashed out at them after a cashier asked her to wear a mask inside the store, reported WPLG-TV.

"She looked at us and she said, 'I wish I am from your country so I don't have to wear the mask,'" Ebaid said. "So, we said, 'Which country is that? We're from New York.'"

That apparently angered Bozanich, a licensed clinical social worker, and she started shouting complaints about Muslims and insulting Ebaid -- who began recording after the woman spit on her husband.

"God, you're ugly, no wonder people hate you," Bozanich says in the video. "I'm getting away from the Muslim."

Ebaid said the older woman insulted her clothing, hijab and religion, and then Bozanich called police to say she was being threatened -- but police took her into custody after they arrived and planned to charge her with assault for spitting until the couple changed their mind.

"She apologized and we accept her apology," Ebaid said. "This is from our religion, we have to forgive and give another chance."

Bozanich, who claims she has a medical condition that keeps her from wearing a mask, told WPLG she feels justified in her actions seen in the video.

"I don't like what I saw, but I'm human," Bozanich said. "When this guy said what he said to me I said what I said to him, and I got angry. I felt very angry, and I told him off."