A Boston police sergeant and founder of an anti-vaccine mandate group can be seen in a video arguing with fellow police officers who arrived at a restaurant where she refused to show her proof of vaccination, The Boston Globe reports.

“I’m enjoying a product that I purchased here so you’re going to leave me alone or I’m going to sue you each individually,” Shana Cottone told two officers who asked to see her vaccine card. Cottone calls the officers a “disgrace” and “naughty boys” and says they’re “wasting taxpayer dollars” to “babysit" as she and two friends sat and ate pizza.

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“History has shown, goose steppers like you trample on the rights of the innocent,” Cottone said.

As The Boston Globe points out, Cottone was placed on paid administrative leave earlier this month amid an internal affairs investigation in relations to four charges against her, three of which are related to her handling of incidents involving the mayor. She is not vaccinated and claims a religious exemption.

Watch the video below.

Police sergeant flips out on 'goose steppers' after restaurant calls the cops on her www.youtube.com

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