Texas man who called vaccines 'poison' dies from COVID-19 after spending 17 days on a ventilator

A 54-year-old Texas man who thought COVID-19 vaccines were "poison" died from the virus last month, and was buried by his wife and three sons on Father's Day.

Now, Alan Scott Lanoix's sister is sharing the story of her brother's death to "save a life" — by encouraging others to get vaccinated.

"It's hard to believe that one decision can change your whole life," Lanoix's sister Lisa Adler told New Orleans' CBS affiliate. "The kids had to bury their father on Father's day. He thought the vaccine was poison and he was afraid of getting it and there's a lot of people that have that same feeling.

"I was scared to get it myself, but you have to worry about what the consequences are," she added. "He was a great person and I urge anybody if they are on the fence about getting the vaccine, do it in my brother's memory."

Adler, who lives is Chalmette, LA, said she last spoke to her brother in May, when he called to tell her happy birthday. He also reported that he'd been exposed to COVID at work. Lanoix, who grew up in Louisiana, had relocated his family to Katy, Texas, after Hurricane Katrina.

"I kept telling him, 'You'll have immunity now and everything will be okay.' He told me that no matter what happens with his life, he was happy with his life and loved his family," Adler said.

Lanoix spent 17 days on a ventilator before his death.

"They did a video chat and let me at least say goodbye to him," Adler said.

Watch the station's report below.