Bikers for Trump woman says son 'dropped dead for no reason' 10 days after COVID vaccine
Cynthia Elm anti-vaccine Trump supporter (Photo: Screen capture)

A Bikers for Trump rally turned into an anti-vaccine rally when a woman gave her testimony that ten days after getting the vaccine her son dropped dead.

According to Cynthia Elm, her autistic son, Wayne "dropped dead for no reason" on May 1, she sobbed talking to the audience. Ms. Elm said that after an autopsy there were no reasons that they could find that would have caused him to die so abruptly.

She explained that after speaking to rally organizer Chris Cox, she was convinced to tell the audience not to get the vaccine.

She came to the rally she said because she was waiting to eat at a nearby restaurant when she saw the rally she said her son would have loved. She lives in Summerville, South Carolina and asked the audience for funds to help with funeral expenses.

Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson listed over 3,000 people who died days following the vaccine. The CDC has followed up on each of those people to look at the reasons cited for their death or what autopsies show. The findings showed there's no "causal link to COVID-19 vaccines," a Reuters fact-check revealed.

See her speech below:

Woman at Bikers for Trump rally tells vaccine horror story