Anti-vaxxers are convinced their sperm will soon be worth a fortune -- here's why
Anti-vaccine protest (Photo: Screen capture)

Some male anti-vaccination activists believe that their sperm will soon make them an absolute fortune, Vice News reports.

As Vice explains, anti-vaxxers falsely believe that COVID-19 vaccines will lead to widespread infertility among men who get inoculated against the virus -- and that this will leave those who have remained unvaccinated as the only humans left capable of reproduction.

In fact, this belief has even gone so far that a group of anti-vaccine developers are creating a new cryptocurrency called Unvaxxed Sperm that launched just a week ago and saw "explosive growth."

Vice reports that the new cryptocurrency is just a gateway drug to a much broader plan to allow anti-vaxxers in the future to make serious bank by selling their sperm to women whose vaccinated partners will purportedly be unable to conceive.

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"The developers behind Unvaxxed Sperm say their plan is to use the meme-able nature of their coin to make it go viral and draw people into their anti-vaccine community, promising big plans that include a 'pureblood' version of Tinder, cryogenically frozen unvaccinated sperm, and something called 'Project Super Sperm,'" the publication writes.

However, Vice cautions that it's entirely possible that all of these alleged plans are simply vaporware intended to draw in gullible anti-vaxxers who will then be scammed out of their money by investing in the currency.

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