Former Trump fan profanely denounces his support of booster shots in epic meltdown

A one-time fan of former President Donald Trump angrily denounced him this week after he publicly encouraged his supporters to get booster shots to protect themselves against COVID-19.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, a woman who goes by the name of Allison Wonderland profanely criticized the former president for promoting vaccines and boosters.

"I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion and it truly does pain me to say it, but f*ck Donald Trump!" she began. "He is now trying to say that by us doubting the jab, that we're playing right into their hands. What?!"

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She then went on to accuse Trump of lying to his followers about the vaccines' safety because he wanted to take personal credit for their development under his administration's Operation: Warp Speed initiative.

"Do you guys not see the problem with this?!" she asked angrily. "I mean, if he truly cared about saving whatever's left of this country, and he truly cared about you, he should be more concerned about exposing the overwhelming number of adverse reactions and deaths from the jab. But no!"

She also asked, "Why is he still touting this product that's killing people," even though the COVID-19 vaccines are not killing people, whereas the novel coronavirus is still killing more than 1,000 Americans every day.

Watch the video below.