Flamethrower-wielding anti-vaxxer planned 'citizens arrests' of Dem governors -- and has now been arrested
Man with flamethrower (Shutterstock)

An anti-vaccination activist who carried around a flamethrower has now been arrested after he planned to go around the country conducting "citizens arrests" of Democratic governors.

The Daily Beast reports that anti-vaxxer Christopher Paul Key was arrested on a criminal trespassing charge in Birmingham, Alabama, where he is now being held without bond.

Just hours before his arrest, Key had been in court to deal with a separate trespassing charge that came after he was arrested in a Whole Foods supermarket earlier this year.

According to The Daily Beast, Key argued with a court-appointed attorney ahead of his appearance and insisted that he could competently represent himself before a judge.

"I am completely sane," he told his would-be lawyer. "I don't need an attorney. I am a free man.”

As The Daily Beast writes, Key's latest arrest marks a humiliating end to his quest to arrest Democratic governors.

"At the end of December, Key set out on his road trip with the goal of arresting Democratic state governors over their vaccine mandates," the publication writes. "In a series of Telegram posts in mid-December, Key also showed off an arsenal of weapons, including a flamethrower and high capacity firearms. He told The Daily Beast that he had been traveling across the country 'serving' state officials with packets of information he believes supports his conspiracy theory that COVID-19 vaccines are 'bioweapons.'"

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