Sarah Palin accuses AOC of trying to 'pound, pound, pound' sex into Americans' heads in bizarre rant
Sarah Palin (Fox News)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) of trying to "pound" sex into Americans' brains during a rambling statement on Fox News.

During the discussion, Palin attacked Ocasio-Cortez for claiming that Republicans are "mad they can't date me" last week, and she said it was part of a broader left-wing obsession with sexuality.

"And here her obsession, at least her suggestions of, gender and sex even, I truly believe there are enough Americans who get it and understand what her tactic is, and that is to deflect from what the real issues are," Palin said. "But take this issue, though, with her suggestion of dating and, you know, attraction to someone, and blaming her failures on that, that obsession with sex! Look how the liberals, Rachel, want to pound that into the public's head!"

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Palin would return to the topic of liberals "pounding" sex into Americans' heads later in the interview.

"All the things that have to do with privacy and sex, the liberals not the conservatives are the ones who pound, pound, pound!" she said.

Watch the video below.