Florida Proud Boys 'cleaning house' after FBI affidavit suggests their members are government informants: report

After the arrest of Florida Proud Boy Barry Bennet Ramey, 38, for his participating in the Jan. 6. Capitol riot, an FBI affidavit in connection to his case states that "multiple confidential human sources" have provided information, including a "master list" of Proud Boys operating locally in Florida, the Miami New Times reports.

Speaking to the New Times, a Miami Proud Boy said that the far-right group has deleted Ramey from all Proud Boys communication channels and is now clearing out its online chat rooms in an effort to erase its digital footprint. It's also kicking out a bunch of members from its ranks.

"We took [Ramey] out of every chat as of yesterday," the Miami Proud Boy said late last week. "We're cleaning house. We have a list of disavowed members who some chapters are keeping around, and we're getting rid of everybody."

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Ramey has been charged with impeding and assaulting a federal law enforcement officer with a deadly or dangerous weapon, entering and remaining in a restricted building, and engaging in physical violence at the Capitol.

The affidavit states that "multiple" people are aware of Proud Boys working as government informants.

Read the full report over at the Miami New Times.