'I'm sorry you're confused': Dem Arizona AG candidate mocks Trump-backed rival's knowledge of state constitution
Abraham Hamadeh / Gage Skidmore

Abortion quickly took center stage in Tuesday's attorney general debate in Arizona between Republican Abe Hamadeh and Democrat Kris Mayes.

Abortion rights became a major issue in Arizona after a judge reinstated a Civil War-era anti-abortion law last week.

Hamadeh said he would enforce Arizona's controversial abortion bans, while Mayes argued they violated the state Constitution.

"Unfortunately, Abe, you forgot to read the Arizona Constitution, the highest law," Mayes said. "The Arizona Constitution has within it Article 2, Section 8, an express right to privacy."

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"Look, I think my opponent just admitted that he thinks it's ok to ban all abortions in the state of Arizona under a law that dates to 1864," she charged. "Let's remember, that was the Civil War. It was a time when women couldn't even vote and women are going to die. Women and girls are going to die because of this 1901 law and people like my opponent and Mark Brnovich are forcing it on women of the state of Arizona."

"I will not prosecute any doctor, any pharmacist, any nurse for abortion, period, because of the Arizona Constitution," Mayes said.

After a back-and-forth, Mayes returned to the Constitution.

"I'm sorry you're confused about the Arizona Constitution and I know you only graduated from law school a few years ago, but the Arizona Constitution says what it says," Mayes said.

The debate was moderated by Ted Simons and Stacey Barchenger.

Watch below or at this link.

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