'Governing by conspiracy theory': Arizona secretary of state shovels dirt on Trump's vote 'audit' after latest disaster
Arizona Republican Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (Photo: Screen capture)

Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Monday shoveled more dirt on the Trump-backed "audit" of the 2020 election amid news that the audit's final report had been delayed because many auditors became sick with COVID-19.

Appearing on CNN with host Jake Tapper, Hobbs said that this new setback for the audit was symbolic of how poorly the entire operation has been run.

"This whole entire exercise has been plagued by delays, which is one of the things that we highlighted in the report that we just put out," she said. "It's not an audit."

Hobbs said that, in addition to the delays, the "audit" has also "been plagued by lapses in security, lack of transparency" and other problems that have undermined the credibility of whatever results it finally releases.

She then called out Republicans in the state for going along with the "audit," even though they know that President Joe Biden legitimately won in Arizona last year.

"I mean, what we're seeing through all of this is that our leaders are focused more on conspiracy theories and governing by conspiracy theory rather than leading and standing up for what most of them know is the truth," she said. "And they're unfortunately misleading a lot of their constituents."

Watch the video below.

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