The Arizona audit (screen capture)
'It's a Failure': Poll Suggests Arizona Audit Will Backfire on Republicans at the Ballot Box

Arizona polls haven't even opened, and already, there's a demand for a recount.

In Cochise County, Arizona, a judge still hasn't decided how the votes will be counted, reported the Daily Beast.

The case was brought by state officials who are already trying to oppose the election results and demanding to do a hand recount. On the other side were Cochise County Republican officials who previously fought for an election audit.

"Cochise, a rural county on the southern border, is one of several to preemptively call for an audit of its 2022 midterm vote," said the Daily Beast. "Although counties routinely review their elections, this new wave of audit enthusiasts is cozy with conspiracy theorists, and promotes methods like hand-counting ballots, which elections security experts describe as one of the most surefire ways to accidentally introduce errors into a vote count."

At the same time, it takes a very, very long time to do a hand count. Stalling and taking up more time is sometimes the goal by conspiracy theorists so they can gin up more conspiracies. During the Maricopa County audit, the conspiracy theorists were obsessed with one theory about bamboo fibers and Chinese ballots.

As of Monday evening, the debate in the county in Arizona was still happening. Last month, the three-person board of supervisors voted against the recount, with an alliance of Arizona retirees who attacked hand recounts as “unlawful, chaotic, time consuming and unnecessary.”

County officials declare they can do whatever they want, including audit by hand. They're represented by the Cyber Ninja's former lawyer, Bryan Blehm.

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