Trump rages at media for not lying about ‘unbelievable’ Arizona election audit
Donald Trump AFP / Nicholas Kamm

Donald Trump groused about media coverage of the Arizona election "audit" that his supporters had hoped would show he won the election there.

The months-long examination ordered by the state's Republican-led Senate and conducted by the Cyber Ninjas firm turned up more votes for President Joe Biden and fewer for Trump, but the twice-impeached former president complained on the right-wing Victory Channel that media reports have not declared him the winner.

"The media is corrupt, pastor, you know it as well as I do," Trump told host Gene Bailey, "and many people know it and probably the ones that know it best are the media itself. They are corrupt, they don't tell the truth and they are, in fact, the enemy of the people, and it's a terrible thing."

"We had a tremendous audit, it was done by the Senate, the Arizona Senate, and they're brave people, and the findings were unbelievable, so the media doesn't want to call it," Trump added. "I think they called it findings, said they had findings, and the findings were just brutal, and yet the media doesn't want to report the findings. It's really a very sad thing for our country."

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