WATCH: Arizona Republican votes against ‘racial healing’ -- while denying white privilege

On Thursday, the Government and Elections Committee of the Arizona House of Representatives considered HB 2590, a bill that would observe a "National Day of Racial Healing" in the state of Arizona. But one Republican, state Rep. Bret Roberts, didn't like the idea.

"I sat here and I listened to testimony about setting aside privilege," said Roberts. "And I gotta say, everything in my life, I earned. I don't have any privilege just because of the color of my skin."

He added that, "I'm not anti-Black, I'm not anti-brown, I'm not anti-Asian, I'm not anti-anything." However, he was against establishing a National Day of Racial Healing — and voted against the bill.

The Arizona GOP has been frequently embarrassed by antics of their state legislators. In 2018, state Rep. David Stringer made national headlines when he complained that immigration is an "existential threat" to America because there aren't "enough white kids to go around" in public schools, and that Black people don't "fit in." Stringer would later resign amid resurfaced reports of sex crime charges against children he faced in 1983.

Watch below: