Mark Kelly drops the hammer on Blake Masters over abortion bans at Arizona debate
Blake Masters and Mark Kelly.

On Thursday night's Senate debate in Arizona, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly cornered his GOP opponent Blake Masters for supporting extreme abortion bans — a belief that Masters had previously tried to soften on his website after public outrage over the Supreme Court allowing states to ban the procedure.

"I am pro-life, I believe in limits," said Masters. "I think we should be like every civilized country in the world. Just last year, Arizona passed a law that limits abortions after 15 weeks. I support that law. That is where Arizonans find a reasonable place to draw the line. I prefer limits at the federal level. Lindsey Graham has proposed a 15 week with common exceptions. And I support that. I believe in limits. Mark Kelly believes in no limits at all."

"That is nonsense," said Kelly. "That is absolutely not true. I support the restrictions and protections that were allowed under Roe v. Wade. An abortion only happens late in pregnancy when there are serious issues. And folks, it is heartbreaking when this happens. Often, the child is wanted."

"My opponent, remember what he has said," said Kelly. "He supports a national abortion ban ... it criminalizes this decision. He has said — and this is not years ago, he said very recently — that he wants to punish the doctors. He has called abortion 'demonic.' 'Religious sacrifice'. I don't even know what that means, folks. But what I am doing is, I am protecting your constitutional rights that you have lost because of rhetoric like this."

"Real quickly. Where do you draw the line on late-term abortions?" asked the host.

"Under Roe v. Wade there are protections and restrictions that were allowed under that law," said Kelly. "And late-term abortion in this country only happens when there is a serious problem. And, you know, that is what I support. What he says about the legislation I voted on is just not true. It is nonsense. He should go back and take a look and read this. I mean, he is a lawyer, this is legislation. He can go take a look at it."

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Mark Kelly calls Blake Masters' abortion views "nonsense"