Texas teacher slammed student for taking God's name in vain — then shouted out the N-word
Students in school classroom (Shutterstock)

According to Fox 4 News, a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Arlington, Texas allegedly shouted the N-word in front of students while arguing with a sixth grader over whether the use of the phrase "oh my God" is offensive.

"One mother, who didn't want FOX 4 to use her name, says her son told her after school on Friday. She says the boy was not in the classroom during the interaction but relayed to her what his friends who were there witnessed," reported Macy Jenkins. "FOX 4 spoke with a Swift Elementary school teacher off-camera who also did not want her name used. She says she happened to be in the hallway Friday afternoon when she noticed a commotion from a nearby classroom."

"'One of the kids in the class blurted out ‘Oh My God!’ And he replied, ‘Don't say that.’ And they were like, ‘Why can’t we say oh my God?’ And he said, ‘That’s using Jesus’ name in vain,’' the mom said," continued the report. "They also told FOX 4 that’s when the substitute told the kids, 'It would be like me saying the n-word.' The teacher who stepped in to intervene says after hearing from the students, she approached the substitute who she says then added, 'yes I said n***er, and I’ll say it again.'"

According to the report, Arlington ISD has fired the substitute. "The district does not condone the use of any offensive, derogatory or inappropriate language in educational learning environments," said the district in a statement.

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In recent years, Texas schools have seen a number of racial controversies.

Last October, a theater arts teacher at a school in Houston resigned after complaining that there was no "white history month" and that he can't use the N-word. And this January, a school board member for Cypress-Fairbanks ISD suggested that dropout rates in Houston are linked to the number of Black teachers they have on staff.

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