Slur-spewing man spat on Hispanic driver and punched his car in racist meltdown: police
Stephen Saint Raymond (Fairfield Police Department)

A Connecticut man was arrested for a racist attack on a Hispanic man in an apparent road rage incident.

Stephen Saint Raymond, of Bridgeport, was charged with second-degree intimidation based on bigotry/bias and second-degree breach of peace after a May 3 crash involving his 2007 Acura TSX and another man's 2013 Volkswagen GTI, reported CTPost.

Police arrived at the scene to find Saint Raymond "actively yelling" at the other man and hitting the front of his car with his fists, and they said he was "very uncooperative" and refused to stop.

Officers placed the 58-year-old Saint Raymond in handcuffs, but he “appeared to throw himself on the ground” and said an officer had shoved him, although a witness has apparently backed up the officer's claims that he was apparently "acting and fell to the ground on his own.”

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The Volkswagen driver said he had tried to move into a left turn lane but Saint Raymond blocked him and drove aggressively close to his car, and he said Saint Raymond then pulled alongside, rolled down his window, yelled a racial slur and spat in his face.

Saint Raymond was released on a written promise and scheduled to appear in court May 17.