Armed anti-maskers vow 'spiritual war' to disrupt Maine vaccinations
Screen cap/YouTube

A group of anti-mask fanatics in the state of Maine believe they are waging a "spiritual war" and are vowing to disrupt vaccinations for the novel coronavirus.

Mainer News reports that anti-mask activists in the city of Belfast, Maine, have become increasingly aggressive in their efforts to stop their fellow citizens from following pandemic restrictions.

A recently posted video showed the anti-maskers accosting a mother who was walking around with her mask-wearing young daughter while taunting her with chants of "child abuse."

"There are people at these protests that are coming armed," Belfast City Councilor Mike Hurley explained.

Members of Beacon For Sovereignty, a group that has been involved in the protests, have been openly celebrating the fact that they've gotten more confrontational.

"Spiritual war is coming to a boiling point," wrote one anti-masker on the group's Facebook page.

"Legit possessed by evil," wrote another anti-masker of mask-wearing citizens. "The devil is building his army up."

One Maine anti-masker named Richard Coffron is now explicitly saying that he and his allies' goal is to disrupt mass vaccinations, which he believes are the government's way of committing genocide against its own citizens.

"In late January, Coffron's crew turned their sights on a new target: Scarborough Downs, the harness-racing track that's been converted into a COVID-19 vaccination site," writes Mainer News. "On Facebook, Coffron and his associates openly discussed ways to disrupt the operation of the site, as anti-vaxx activists had recently done at Dodger Stadium."

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