Arnold Schwarzenegger ties Jan 6th insurrection to rise of Nazism

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger noted the frightening parallels between the rise of Nazism in Europe and the events that led up the Capitol riot that saw a pro-Donald Trump mob storm the halls of Congress.

As part of Bash's "Total Recall: California's Political Recall" podcast, the conversation quickly turned from the failed recall attempt against Gov. Gavin Newsom to the insurrection attempt last January.

Citing the history of the rise of Nazism, Schwarzenegger told the CNN host that what happened is "what happens to when people are being lied to about the elections."

"This is so much kind of a feeling of what they were talking about when we were talking about in a Nazi time of when people were lied to all the time and what that led to," he explained, relating the Capitol riot to Kristallnacht, seen as a pivotal moment in the rise of Adolf Hitler.

"I just felt that it was so sad of what happened on January 6. Eventually, this whole thing can go really quickly south," he added.

The former California governor also added that the divisions between the two parties need to be set aside if the country is to move forward.

"I'm worried about both parties. Both parties need to come together and work together because you cannot have just run the country on 50% of the brainpower. You need 100% of the brainpower," he explained. "So therefore, you need Republican ideas when you do health care reform. You need Democratic ideas when you do health care reform. You need Republican ideas when you do the infrastructure. You need Democratic ideas when you do the infrastructure."

You can listen here.