Arrested Capitol insurrectionists almost entirely older white males from areas fearful of minorities and immigrants

"Fears that the rights of minorities and immigrants were crowding out the rights of white people"

After Donald Trump won the White House in 2016 many among the pundit class insisted voters handed him the presidency because of "economic anxiety." In reality, it was racism.

The same apparently holds true of the MAGA insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on January 6 and got arrested.

The Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST) analyzed the 377 arrested and found "they are 95 percent White and 85 percent male, and many live near and among Biden supporters in blue and purple counties," according to The Washington Post.

"Most of the people who took part in the assault came from places," the Post adds, "polling and demographic data showed, that were awash in fears that the rights of minorities and immigrants were crowding out the rights of white people in American politics and culture."

The Post adds that "by far the most interesting characteristic common to the insurrectionists' backgrounds has to do with changes in their local demographics: Counties with the most significant declines in the non-Hispanic White population are the most likely to produce insurrectionists who now face charges."

"Put another way, the people alleged by authorities to have taken the law into their hands on Jan. 6 typically hail from places where non-White populations are growing fastest."

CPOST also conducted two independent surveys in February and March, including a National Opinion Research Council survey, to help understand the roots of this rage. One driver overwhelmingly stood out: fear of the “Great Replacement." Great Replacement theory has achieved iconic status with white nationalists and holds that minorities are progressively replacing White populations due to mass immigration policies and low birthrates.

The New York Times sums it up with this headline:"Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters' Towns, Study Finds."