Legal expert explains how the theft of Biden daughter's diary turned into a federal investigation
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Appearing with MSNBC host Alex Witt on Saturday afternoon, legal analyst Danny Cevallos explained why the simple theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley grew from a simple local case to one that has now led to a federal investigation overseen by the Southern District of New York.

On Friday the New York Times reported the FBI had raided two locations linked to 'Project Veritas" seeking information about how the stolen diary came to be in their hands.

As Cevallos explained, that SDNY must have a larger reason than a simple theft to go to a federal judge and ask for warrants that were granted.

"A question before I ask you what they were looking for in these raids," host Witt began. "If there comes out proof that Ashley Biden was targeted, that it wasn't a random burglary, does that change the dynamic at all?"

"That gives it a political component, and for that reason that could be why the Southern District is interested in this theft or alleged theft or whatever the case may be," the attorney replied. "There's a narrative on the other side that somehow the diary was left somewhere and found when someone else came into a place where Ashley Biden was staying -- so you have a lot of conflicting factual reports there."

"All you have to do is look at the core," he continued. "The core here is that someone was able to convince a judge from the Southern District that there was enough evidence of a possible crime to get a search warrant, which is at least a probable cause standard you have to prove to a judge. That there may be fruits of some crime found at these locations, so ostensibly, that's why the judge ordered the warrant, so there must be enough smoke for a judge to think that there's fire."

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