'Hard not to use the word cult': CNN analyst stunned by footage of Trump fans insisting he's still using Air Force One
Iowa Trump supporter (screengrab).

On Tuesday, CNN's John Avlon reacted in disbelief to "Daily Show" footage of a Trump supporter at a rally in Iowa claiming that Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon Shaman" who broke into the Capitol with devil horns and war paint, was a government crisis actor who also posed at the scene of Afghan civilians trying to cling to departing U.S. military aircraft at Kabul Airport.

"The one with the bullhorns? He is not a Trump supporter," said the man. "I don't care what his resume says, he's not a Trump supporter. In fact, do you remember the picture in Afghanistan with all the people running next to it? If you look at the pictures of the real plane, there is pieces that are missing from the real plane to that plane ... there was one guy there, the only guy who turned to the camera and waved his hands. Do y'all remember that? Everybody remember that? He is the guy with the horns on his hat."

Other footage shown by the Daily Show included a Trump supporter who falsely believed Trump was still using Air Force One to fly around the world.

Host Erin Burnett then asked Avlon what he made of these kinds of statements.

"It's sad because you need to point out obvious truths after hearing people make up completely delusional lies," said Avlon. "But it's a function of the fact they have been misled. It's a function of the fact this, you know, interview by Jordan Klepper is — these folks — it is hard not to use the word cult when you see the way they have embraced this alternate reality completely. And it's the downstream effect of the Big Lie and it's why Republicans need to recognize and confront the fact they are dealing with a cult."

"When they play footsie with the Big Lie because they think they can benefit politically, they are playing footsie with fanatics, and these folks will turn on them," added Avlon. "This is dangerous lies being disseminated through our body politic. Doesn't represent Iowa, but it represents a core cadre of folks who were at this Trump rally."

Watch below:

Iowa Trump supporters says "QAnon shaman" was a crisis actor in Afghanistan www.youtube.com