‘Astonishing how screwed up’ Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is going: Retired general

Retired four-star Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey on Wednesday offered his analysis of Vladimir Putin's military situation in Ukraine.

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson interviewed McCaffrey following an update on the invasion from Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

"I think one thing we ought to say is the Russian military operations in Ukraine are balled up," McCaffrey said. "I mean, just using the word convoy, this is the movement to contact in combat of armored units and they're parked bumper-to-bumper three lanes across. I don't see how they can unravel it. At the head of that narrow column are Ukrainians fighting for their lives."

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"So the Russians have a real problem and may also be a logistics problem. I don't see how they get by the stalled units," he explained. "It's very surprising to me."

"It is astonishing how screwed up they are on this," he said.


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