Atlanta shooting witness still hears gunshots in his mind: 'I saw blood coming out of her head'

Speaking to CNN on Monday, survivor Marcus Lyon described the horrific scene that unfolded at the Asian spa where at least one woman was shot by the Atlanta man who killed eight people last week.

Lyon told CNN's Brianna Keilar that he still thinks about what he witnessed.

"Definitely still think about it in the morning time," Lyon said. "I hear the gunshots sometimes in my head. I replay events in my head over and over, you know, it's just, you know, for now, I feel like I'm okay. Everybody thinks I should seek counseling or something like that. But as of right now I kind of feel okay. But I really don't know what to even say, to be honest with you about that. I feel like I'm okay."

"You know, I wasn't even there, not even like two minutes, you know, as soon as I came in, the girls greeted me, telling me to come in the room," Lyon described how it happened. "You know I laid down, I guess like a minute later the woman came back inside. Started rubbing on my neck gave me two rubs on my neck and heard the gunshot go off. We stood up and looked around, and heard that other gunshot. She was by the door. That's when I jumped behind the bed. Once she opened up that door I heard the third gushed and she actually dropped. I'm sure she got shot in her head right -- and I wasn't — no more than two feet away from her. I see blood coming out of her head. I heard more gunshots after that, you know, and from there, you know, I heard a ringing bell on the door. I'm guessing the suspect ran out of the spa. And then, you know, from there that's when I kind of felt safe to get up. I heard some commotion, talking. Once I heard that. I got up ran back outside to grab my firearm and ran back inside, you know, the people telling me to call the police, call the police and stuff, you know. and I proceeded to go ahead and call the police."

See the interview in the video below: