Appeal rejected for right-wing troll 'Baked Alaska' headed to jail next year
Tim Gionet aka 'Baked Alaska (1)

Infamous right-wing troll and former BuzzFeed staffer Anthime Gionet will begin his jail sentence after the first of the year, the Daily Beast reported Monday evening.

Characterizing the troll a "notorious racist," the report said that the sentence wasn't just for the Jan. 6 riot but also for macing a security guard in a different incident in Arizona in 2020.

"Baked Alaska" live-streamed the attack on the Capitol, making any crimes video tapped for prosecutors.

“Occupy the Capitol, let’s go!” Gionet shouted during the video. “We ain’t leaving this bitch!”

The 2020 incident attacking a security guard was from a case in which Gionet and his friends were filming their behavior to their online audience at a bar in Scottsdale. The guard tried to escort them out and Gionet attacked.

"Gionet was initially sentenced to 30 days in jail on the mace charges back in January, but the sentence was on hold pending his appeal. On Friday, though, a downbeat Gionet broke the news to his fans: his appeal had been rejected, and he would be headed to jail on the mace charge in the new year," the report said.

“I’m kind of sad today,” Gionet confessed in a video. “I’m kind of depressed. I just got the news right before the show.”

“And then, that’s not even the January 6 thing!” Gionet told his viewers. “Then I have to serve the January 6 time. So ah, it sucks! It sucks.”

He went on to rail against the justice system, calling it "corrupt."

There's another sentence in the Jan. 6 case that Gionet is still facing sentencing, around unlawfully protesting at the Capitol, which he pleaded guilty to previously.

Read the full report at the Daily Beast.