US to pay $5 million to parents of man shot dead for slowly driving away from cops

A $5 million settlement will reportedly end a years-long civil suit brought against U.S. Park Police officers who purportedly killed Bijan Ghaisar as he slowly drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee away from them in 2017.

After Ghaisar's untimely death, federal prosecutors declined to charge the officers, and then a federal judge tossed a case brought by a prosecutor in Virginia. The only thread remaining is the civil suit brought by Ghaisar's parents, alleging certain officers used excessive force.

That, too, is coming to an end, according to the Washington Post. The outlet reported that the settlement is not yet finalized.

"The agreement — which still must be approved by a federal judge — will probably bring to an end the Ghaisars’ frustrating, more than five-year quest for justice, and add them to a long line of families whose loved ones were shot and killed by police and who had to settle for financial compensation after the government refused to bring criminal cases," the article states.

The Washington Post further reported that the deal calls for $1.25 million to be sent to their lawyers, and the rest sent to Ghaisar’s family.

“We are grateful to have reached a mutual resolution to end the litigation and we hope that closing this long chapter brings some comfort to the family," a Justice Department spokesman said, according to the Washington Post's report.