82-year-old grandmother dies of Covid after 'friend' hides infection to attend card game
WXYZ/screen grab

An 82-year-old Michigan woman reportedly died after catching Covid-19 from a friend who hid a Covid-19 infection so that they could attend a card game.

Lauren Nash told WXYZ that her grandmother, Barb Bartolovich, took precautions against Covid-19. She was vaccinated and limited her interactions with other people.

Before attending a card game late last year, Bartolovich made sure that everyone else was vaccinated too.

"Everyone said yes," WXYZ reported. "But her loved ones say then one player took a gamble at that card game that no one else saw coming."

"Somebody decided that testing positive for COVID is something they can hide," Nash said. "The only way we found out is that the person owned up after Nana got sick."

Nash declined to reveal the identity of the person who is thought to have infected her grandmother.

While vaccinated, Bartolovich was also a blood cancer survivor. The 82-year-old had a compromised immune system and was not able to fight off the breakthrough infection. Bartolovich died on Dec. 21.

Nash is encouraging others not to hide their Covid-19 infections.

"It is not worth it. It is not worth knowing you hurt someone, potentially hurt someone, or killed someone because you want to go out and have fun," she warned. "I am just horrified at where we are and what is going on, that we are not taking into account people’s lives."

Watch the video below from WXYZ.