Trump-loving school board member says it's not her duty to protect kids: 'God decides who lives or dies'
Barbara Crosby. (Facebook)

A South Carolina elected official walked out of a meeting in protest because she wanted God, and not her fellow school board members, to decide whether children should be protected from the coronavirus.

The Dorchester District 2 School Board voted Wednesday evening to move all schools to seven days of virtual learning after Labor Day, over the objections of some parents and at least one board member, after 20 percent of the student body was reported out with positive COVID-19 tests or close contact and 264 staff absences, reported WCSC-TV.

"They should have put option D which is kids go back to school like they should be doing," said parent Derek Clements. "They don't care, they clearly don't care. They don't want to listen."

A dozen parents sat through the school board workshop in hopes of forcing a public comment, but board chair Gail Hughes notified them it would be illegal to change the agenda, which did not include public input, after it had already been approved.

"The ones who were here were one side of it, and that's okay," Hughes said. "It was a board workshop where we gather information to try and make a decision. It was not a board meeting where we allow comments."

But board member Barbara Crosby, who called for an end to classroom COVID-19 restrictions Nov. 2 at a Donald Trump rally, walked out of the workshop in protest because she was unable to vote for in-person learning, no matter what, because it was not included among the options on the agenda, according to the Friendly Atheist blog.

"Now, I hope and pray our kids don't get deathly ill or we don't lose any children," Crosby told WCSC anchor Raphael James afterward. "But you know what? That's not my -- that's up to God."

James were apparently taken aback by Crosby's nonchalance to child safety, so he asked the board member to clarify.

"No, I didn't say concern," Crosby said. "I said that's not going to be my decision. It's going to be -- I mean, God decides who lives or dies, right?"

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Trump-loving school board member says it's not her duty to protect kids: 'God decides who lives or d