Fox News staffers seethe after network mulls giving 'big lie' promoter Maria Bartiromo a primetime slot
Fox News/screen grab

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo has been one of the biggest promoters of lies surrounding the 2020 presidential election, and some staffers at Fox News are not happy about how the network is considering rewarding her with a primetime slot.

In interviews with the Washington Post, Fox News staffers sounded off on the network's decision to give Bartiromo a try-out at the valuable 7 p.m. slot after she fed audiences the most fact-free conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines stealing votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

"It is ludicrous and disheartening that we are rewarding [Bartiromo] with a prime-time spot, knowing full well she is among the most responsible for propagating the big election lie," said one staffer.

Another staffer tells the Post that Bartiromo's promotion sends "a message that they care about opinion more than news," while another speculated that Fox executives valued "sizzling-hot opinion anger" over hard news.

Bartiromo was once a highly respected financial journalist at CNBC before moving to Fox Business and becoming one of President Donald Trump's most loyal defenders.