Trump claims to waive attorney-client privilege so Bernie Kerik can testify to Jan 6 committee
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Donald Trump has waived attorney-client privilege, allowing former New York City police commissioner and Trump advisor Bernie Kerik to testify before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"Bernard Kerik reportedly participated in the January 5th, 2021 meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. Mr. Kerik reportedly paid for rooms and suites in Washington, D.C. hotels that served as election-related command centers, and also worked with Mr. Rudolph Giuliani to investigate allegations of voter fraud and promote baseless litigation and 'Stop the Steal' efforts," the committee explained when it subpoenaed Kerik on Nov. 8.

In its letter to Kerik, the committee noted that The Washington Post reported Kerik worked with Rudy Giuliani "since at least as early as Nov. 5, 2020 to investigate allegations of voter fraud and promote 'Stop the Steal' efforts."

Although Kerik is not a lawyer — he is a high school drop-out with a GED and holds a B.S. in Social Theory, Social Structure and Change — his lawyers have argued that his documents were covered by attorney-client privilege since he was working for Giuliani, who at the time was a lawyer. Giuliani has since had his law license suspended in both New York and Washington, DC.

"Bernie wants to comply with the subpoena with a public hearing, and asked me to waive attorney-client privilege so Bernie can testify and provide documents, which I grant him. The Unselect Committee will not like what they asked for!" Trump said in a statement emailed to reporters on Wednesday.

Kerik appeared alongside Giuliani at the notorious Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference. The two have known each other for decades. In 1993, Kerik worked as a driver and bodyguard during Giuliani's successful 1993 mayoral campaign. He subsequently became commissioner of the NYC Department of Correction, NYPD police commissioner, and acting interior minister of the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority.

In 2006, Kerik pleaded guilty to two ethics violations. In 2009, Kerik pleaded guilty to eight felony charges and was sentence to forty-eight months in federal prison. He was released in 2013 and pardoned by Donald Trump in 2020.

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