Michael Moore points out the significance of the last US soldier leaving Afghanistan photo
MSNBC screennshot

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, filmmaker Michael Moore effusively heaped praise on President Joe Biden for getting the U.S. out of Afghanistan and used the widely shared photo of the last soldier to leave, Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division, to make an important point about the withdrawal.

Asking host Alex Witt to put up the photo on the screen, Moore explained what made it so significant.

"This is the last soldier out, alright?" he began. This is General Donahue. and he is coming up the ramp of the C-130. There is literally no other American soldier behind him there at the airport -- he is the last one out. If you are the last one out and you are -- what you are leaving behind is the mortal enemy from the last 20 years -- look at him. He's coming up the ramp with not -- what you do is you have to keep your back not to the enemy, you turn around and you back up the ramp with your gun pointed out because there is nobody there to protect you."

'Yet he knew he was safe, had his back to the Taliban, and walking up that ramp," he continued. "How did he know he wasn't going to get shot, wasn't going to be the last man out dying going up that ramp in he's looking forward, not turned around? The reason for that is we have a commander in chief right now who figured it out, he had to pivot very quickly because he did not expect the Taliban to take over the country that quickly. He had to negotiate, he had his team negotiating with the Taliban to make sure 124,000 people could get out safely so that not one of those planes would be shot down out of the air, and he had to make sure that the very last soldier, General Donahue, could walk up that ramp safely, without having to turn around to see if he was going to be shot by the Taliban."

"Who did that? Commander in Chief Joe Biden did that," he added for emphasis.

Watch below:

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