Biden smacks down Fox News' Peter Doocy when he asks why president is 'pulling the country so far to the left'
President Joe Biden (Twitter/C-SPAN).

At his Wednesday press conference, President Joe Biden bluntly swatted away a question from Fox News' Peter Doocy meant to criticize his agenda.

"It's a new year," said Doocy. "Why are you trying so hard in your first year to pull the country so far to the left?"

"Well, I'm not," said Biden. "I don't know what you consider to be too far to the left, if, in fact, we're talking about making sure we have the money for COVID, making sure we have the money to put together a bipartisan infrastructure, making sure we are able to provide for those things that, in fact, significantly reduce the burden on working-class people and make them have to continue to work hard. I don't know how that is pointed to the left."

"If you may recall, you guys have been trying to convince me that I am Bernie Sanders," added Biden. "I'm not. I like him, but I'm not Bernie Sanders. I'm not a socialist. I'm a mainstream Democrat, and I have been. Mainstream Democrats — if you notice, the 48 of the 50 Democrats supported me in the Senate on virtually everything I asked."

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