Biden might be on the verge of inadvertently dealing a massive blow to Trumpism: op-ed
Donald Trump/Joe Biden -- AFP/Biden Facebook page

Writing for the Washington Post this Tuesday, Greg Sargent contends that the GOP's insistence on scaring its base with claims of an encroaching leftist takeover actually provides Democrats with a big opening.

Sargent cites a New York Times report that details how Democrats are trying to get a far-reaching infrastructure repair agenda to become law, and says the coming debate "may be uniquely positioned to expose Trumpism's bankruptcy as it sinks into QAnon-ification, cultishness, and mythologizing about the Lost Cause of the stolen election."

According to Sargent, the rebuilding proposed by Biden's package is exactly what Trumpism was supposed to do.

"That never happened, largely because Trump mostly adopted conventional GOP plutocratic economics," Sargent writes. "Yet as the Times piece reports, proponents of a new infrastructure effort are now envisioning large government investments as a way to 'help the economy run more efficiently, leading to stronger growth and faster wage gains for workers.'"

Sargent writes that if Biden's infrastructure package is successful, it would show that progressive economics, not "Trumpist nationalism," is the thing that offers "the truly concrete approach to rebuilding the country in a way that lifts the fortunes of workers and promotes the common good."

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.