Biden’s DOJ is finally expanding criminal investigation into Jan. 6 insurrection: report

After fierce public criticism that the Department of Justice has not done enough to hold former President Donald Trump and his supporters accountable for their efforts to overturn the election, The Washington Post on Wednesday published a major new report on Attorney General Merrick Garland's investigations.

"The criminal investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has expanded to examine the preparations for the rally that preceded the riot, as the Justice Department aims to determine the full extent of any conspiracy to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory, according to people familiar with the matter. In the past two months, a federal grand jury in Washington has issued subpoena requests to some officials in former president Donald Trump’s orbit who assisted in planning, funding and executing the Jan. 6 rally," the newspaper reported, citing "people familiar with the matter" who were granted anonymity to speak candidly.

The report came after Judge David O. Carter of the Central District of California ruled Trump likely committed felony misconduct.

"The development shows the degree to which the Justice Department investigation — which already involves more defendants than any other criminal prosecution in the nation’s history — has moved further beyond the storming of the Capitol to examine events preceding the attack," the newspaper reported. "Grand jury subpoenas are a legal mechanism used by prosecutors to gather information for a criminal investigation, and a subpoena in and of itself doesn’t mean any particular recipient is under investigation or likely to face charges. But the subpoena demands issued in recent weeks do indicate that the aperture of the investigation has widened, after Attorney General Merrick Garland pledged in a speech this Jan. 5, the day before the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol, to follow the evidence wherever it leads."

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