CBS busts Bill Barr for 'completely different' public remarks compared to Jan. 6 deposition
Attorney General William Barr during a House hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes called out former Attorney General Bill Barr because his statements to the Jan. 6 Committee were "completely different" from his public remarks.

During a break in Monday's Jan. 6 Committee hearing, Cordes noted that public statements from Trump officials did not match the claims they made in depositions to the committee.

"Not only did many of them not speak out, but when they did, they often backed up the president's claims," Cordes explained. "That's what's so jarring today, listening to their depositions. And let's just start with the former attorney general, Bill Barr. You know, he now says that he told the president in the starkest terms that these fraud theories were bogus and silly and based on complete misinformation."

"Well, at the time, in the months leading up to the election, he was saying something very different," she continued. "The attorney general was going out there and saying that mail-in ballot fraud could be widespread and that was something he was very concerned about even though that had never proven to be the case."

Cordes also cited election comments made in Barr's resignation letter.

"About six weeks after the November election, listen to his first sentence in that resignation letter to the president," she said, reading the public letter: "I appreciate the opportunity to update you on vote fraud allegations and how those allegations will continue to be pursued."

"Very different from what we're hearing him say today," Cordes concluded.

CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell suggested that the deposition was "revisionist history" by the former attorney general.

"Absolutely," Cordes replied. "Either that, Norah, or yes, he was saying one thing to the president, and in private, he was saying that these claims were B.S. But as the attorney general of the country, he did not bother or wasn't willing to come out there and say publicly that these allegations were baseless."

Watch the video below from CBS or at this link.

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