Former federal prosecutor refuses to let Bill Barr try and remake his image
Screenshot via ITV News.

Former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut wrote Wednesday that it doesn't matter what former Attorney General Bill Barr writes in his new autobiography, he shouldn't get to remake his image by rewriting history.

In a takedown, Aftergut walked through the recently released excerpt of Barr's book, which brutally attacks his former boss, President Donald Trump. In a line-by-line report, he detailed what Barr said in his book, and contrasted it with what he actually did at the time.

Beginning with his claim that Trump was "off the rails," and that he had “neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership that is needed."

"[T]he pandemic threw into bold relief Trump’s deficiencies as leader — showcasing his failings, not his strengths," Barr also said.

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It's an ironic observation because just two months into the pandemic when Barr claims he was seeing "deficiencies as [a] leader," Barr called on a general to clear Lafayette Park when Trump decided to have a Bible photo-op outside of St. John's Church.

"The same month, Barr, in a Wolf Blitzer interview, amplified Trump’s Big Lie. Barr asserted, without evidence, that mail-in ballots are so subject to fraud that expanding access to them would result in a non-secure election," said Aftergut.

Barr told his friends in Oct. 2020 that if Trump won he'd stay on as attorney general. After Trump lost, however, Barr couldn't get out fast enough under the guise of spending more time with his family.

Aftergut, recalled when Barr responded to questions about the pardon of Michael Flynn, saying, "History is written by the winners." Yet, Trump lost, and now Barr is desperately trying to change his links to the ex-president.

Read the full takedown here.