‘Kill all the Blacks’: Distraught mother pulls kids out of school as racist taunts roil Illinois community

Parents in Illinois are outraged after 8th grade students from the Paxton-Buckley-Loda school system posted a video on social media saying phrases such as, “Kill all the Blacks. Kill all the Blacks. Get back in your cage, monkey," The News Gazette reports.

Kate Grayson, who has had five children that attend PBL, said the video was the last straw and she's taking her children out of the school system.

“They all have had this problem,” Grayson said. “My oldest daughter was told to stand up for herself on the bus. She stood up for herself, and they kicked her off the bus.”

In a statement on his website, Superintendent Cliff McClure said that the district is investigating the matter in cooperation with the Paxton Police Department. "It goes without saying that the contents of the video are offensive and unacceptable.”

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“PBL Unit 10 is a community where all are welcome, and the safety of our students and staff are of paramount importance.”

Angela Bigham says the video was directed at her son.

“I don’t think he should have to face these children that he’s in classes with,” Bigham said. “He believed these kids were his friends. They’ve spent the night before,” as recently as two weeks ago.

“A few years ago, some of the kids in the high school did the whole Civil War flags, the rebel flags,” Bigham said. “They flew them behind their trucks toward the end of the school year, and they were walking up and down the halls calling my daughter (a racial epithet). She was always teased because of her color.”

“It’s degrading,” she said. “There is no Black history being taught in PBL schools for these children to know any different. These kids are either learning (bigotry) at home or on TV, and they need to educate them on it.”

Bigham is also considering taking her children out of PBL.

Watch video, courtesy of WCIA, below:

Mother pulls kids out of school after racist video www.youtube.com