Attorney General William Barr​
Attorney General William Barr at a congressional hearing. (Screen capture)

Attorney General William Barr had his final press conference as his tenure in President Donald Trump's administration comes to a close. Barr tried to dispel any myths being spread about election fraud and other conspiracy theories spread by Trump and his personal legal team. But according to one former federal and state prosecutor, it's "too little, too late."

"Easy to find your principles on the way out the door. Where was any of this throughout the prior two years of dishonesty and political cronyism?" asked Elie Honig.

Barr spent the better part of his time in the administration covering for Trump and ushering in his bizarre belief that a president has absolute authority over all of government. When Barr came into office he was celebrated as the "adult in the room," but he proved to be one of the most dangerous figures in the Trump administration, according to his critics.

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