Prosecutor of Bill Cosby: Matt Gaetz ‘should be very worried’ about possible Greenberg plea deal
Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (screengrab)

Former prosecutor Kristen Gibbons Feden is an expert in prosecuting sex crimes, most notably she was the one who helped get a conviction against Bill Cosby. So, when she told MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) "should be very worried," she would know.

According to Feden, if Gaetz pal Joel Greenberg "cooperates with prosecutors, if he gives statements consistent with" his letter "it will establish two for the prosecutors with the sex crimes against Gaetz. First, that he gave money in exchange for sex and second that sexual contact was with a minor. This wouldn't necessarily get the prosecutors over the finish line, right? Because they would still need to establish that this crime relates to interstate commerce which is a necessary precondition for federal involvement."

She went on to say that if Gaetz arranged for the minor to cross state lines and Greenberg is able to give testimony about that, "it could be a violation of 2423, Transportation of a Minor for Illegal Sex Crimes, which, again, would satisfy that interstate commerce, but also under that particular section the prosecutor would not need to prove that Gaetz knew that the young lady was a minor at the time of the sex act. Which the letter and I presume Greenberg's statements would be consistent with the letter, specifically denied."

Feden explained it was important because of prosecutors intend to get Gaetz under 1591 (the Child Sex Trafficking criminal statute) "the prosecutor will need to prove that Gaetz had some level of knowledge at the time of the sex act that that young lady was a minor. And that's something that the prosecutors, I think, may have some concerns with if Greenberg cannot provide that testimony for them."

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Prosecutor of Bill Cosby on Matt Gaetz