Bill O'Reilly freaks out after his sexual harassment accuser is booked to appear on 'The View'
Bill O'Reilly hosts 'The O'Reilly Factor' on April 1, 2014. [Fox News]

Bill O'Reilly is once again trying to silence the former TV producers who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against the conservative commentator.

Andrea Mackris had been scheduled to appear Wednesday on ABC's "The View," but O'Reilly was granted a temporary restraining order the previous evening blocking his former staffer from going on the daytime talk show, reported The Daily Beast.

"We were notified late yesterday about a temporary restraining order issued by a court against Andrea Mackris," an ABC spokesperson told the website. "We decided to postpone her interview pending further developments. We look forward to welcoming her to 'The View' at a later date."

O'Reilly's attorneys asked the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County to grant the restraining order after learning Mackris was scheduled for the show, arguing her appearance would cause "significant irreparable harm" to the former broadcaster.

"Mackris intends to further materially breach her legal obligations tomorrow morning, live on national television," the attorneys said in a filing.

The restraining order was not served directly on Mackris, who told her story last week to The Daily Beast -- and O'Reilly's attorneys instead asked the website to forward the court documents to her, which the court denied.

"I have not been served with anything, but apparently Bill O'Reilly was able to interfere with my appearance on 'The View,'" Mackris said.

The Daily Beast denied the attorneys' claim that reporters "coached" Mackris on her story, which detailed the alleged harassment and the decades-long efforts by O'Reilly to ensure her silence as part of a $9 million settlement.