Trump pal who's trying to split up Atlanta busted for white nationalist tweet: 'I am not perfect'

The leader of an effort to split a wealthy white neighborhood away from Atlanta tweeted and deleted a post from a white nationalist website.

New York transplant Bill White, a Donald Trump fundraiser who has become the face of the "Buckhead City" movement, commented on a Twitter post by the VDARE blog linking majority-Black cities with "carnage" and crime, but deleted his post hours later after drawing strong criticism from civil rights leaders and elected officials, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I am not perfect and simply retweeted something too fast,” White told the newspaper. “I’m sure I won’t be the first or the last person on Twitter to do that.”

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Opponents of the Buckhead cityhood movement weren't satisfied with the explanation, saying White's post served as added proof that the Republican-led campaign was motivated by racism.

“If Gov. Kemp or legislative leaders take up a Buckhead City proposal in the weeks to come, today’s events will define it,” said state Rep. Josh McLaurin. “You heard it directly from Bill White and the white supremacists he retweeted: the proposal is about racial division.”

The virulently anti-immigrant VDARE website was founded in 1999 by Peter Brimelow, who insists it's not a white nationalist publication, although the site frequently hosts white supremacist content and he has appeared in public with white nationalists Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor.