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There is a slate of far-right candidates at the local and state level who could take over the machinery of America's elections.

While Donald Trump's supporters are pushing existing election officials and election workers out of their jobs, MAGA candidates and QAnon believers are now running to take their place. If local officials weren't willing to overthrow an election for the former president, the new ones might be.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is trying to prevent this from happening, and the Washington Post reports that he recently met with a dozen billionaires or their representatives to talk about the state of local election offices and the fear that the far-right can take them over.

“MAGA leaders intend to use 2022 midterm wins to install Trump in 2024 regardless of the vote,” a slide from Hoffman's presentation to the group stated.

A report last week revealed that there have been over 100 candidates at the state and federal levels who are endorsing Trump's false claims that he won the 2020 election.

Another slide of Hoffman's reads "How MAGA midterms can install Trump," and outlines the ways in which Republicans can win offices in top battleground states in 2022, then change the laws to help Trump for 2024.

One person who is familiar with the group explained that they hope to raise millions of dollars to help increase Democratic turnout and suppress the GOP enthusiasm in 2022.

It isn't unusual to see donors pouring money into an election, but what is rare is for them to be focused on the midterms to try and impact 2024. Democratic groups tend to work one election at a time.

“Our theory starts with the electoral college map in 2024,” said Scott Anderson, who is working with a different group of donors that have spent more than $450 million on nonprofit election work since 2017. They're focused on only five states this year, and they're all 2024 battlegrounds: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nevada.

“The immediacy of this election for us is how do we have a veto pen and the ability to sustain the veto in those five states,” Anderson explained. “The legislatures in those states have made clear that if they have a governor, they will pass a whole laundry list of things.”

Read the full report about what the groups are doing in the Washington Post.

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