Black man says he was beaten unconscious in Mississippi after being falsely accused of burglary

A Mississippi man says he was assaulted and knocked unconscious by three men at an auto parts store, but police detained him instead of the men who assaulted him, WREG reports.

Antonio Hollingworth said one of his attackers took a picture of him in the presence of police.

“He was bringing me out of the garage, and I guess police were coming and he slammed me on a truck,” said Hollingsworth. “A guy came out while I was in the handcuffs and took a picture of me.”

Sharita Wysinger, who is Hollingworth's niece, said he was almost beaten to death and the police made matters worse.

“Antonio made it clear to the officers he didn’t do anything. He was minding his business when they came over and assaulted him,” said Wysinger. “When the officers arrived, they told them not to arrest the other guys who assaulted Antonio but to arrest Antonio.”

Cleveland Police Chief Charles “Buster” Bingham says police got a call about a burglary in progress and a fight at NAPA Auto Parts. When they arrived, they saw Hollingworth being escorted out of the building by two men. Hollingworth was then placed in handcuffs because he was identified as the suspected burglar.

But according to Hollingsworth, he was just walking through the parking lot when he was attacked by employees and held against his will.

Bingham said police wanted to interview Hollingsworth but haven't been able to locate him since he was released from the hospital. Hollingsworth said his attorney told him not to talk to anyone. "I am afraid to talk to them. I’m really dodging them,” said Hollingsworth.

Antonio Hollingsworth and Sharita Wysinger