Trump-backed Senate candidate floats conspiracy theory claiming Capitol riot was an FBI false flag
Photo via Gage Skidmore

GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona met with conservative activists in Phoenix this spring and was asked whether he would support investigating US intelligence operations to uncover the federal government's "nefarious activities." In his reply, he floated a conspiracy theory claiming the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was actually a false flag operation orchestrated by the FBI, CNN reports.

"Don't we suspect that like one-third of the people outside of the Capitol complex on January 6 were actual FBI agents hanging out?" Masters asked. "What did people know and when did they know it? We got to get to the bottom of this."

As CNN points out, Masters is among a slew of Trump-endorsed Republicans who have echoed conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

"While top Republicans like Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell have urged candidates to move on from 2020 and focus on the future, some, like Masters, are aligning themselves with Trump in the hopes of tapping into his base of support," CNN's report stated. "After launching his Senate campaign last year, Masters has increasingly embraced the former President's bogus claims. He told CNN in July 'it's really hard to know' whether Trump won, questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election."

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Trump endorsed Masters last week.

“Blake is Strong on Border Security, in particular, the disastrous Southern Border where people are pouring into the U.S. by the millions, and destroying our Country,” Trump said in a statement through his Save America PAC. “Just two years ago, with the help of the Wall, we had the Strongest Border in the history of our Country, and now we have the weakest — Blake will turn that around quickly.”